A Letter of Appreciation from Blair Moss, CEO:

Desert Scholarship Foundation’s Second Year

Quarry Members with Scholarship Recipient Adilene and her Father Ignacio

The Quarry at La Quinta’s 2nd Annual Pars, Putts & Piano on March 11, 2019 was event to raise funds for The William & Lois Morrow Quarry Employee Scholarship Fund, a fund managed by Desert Scholarship Foundation. It was a huge success! The best part for me was listening to scholarship recipients tell their story, and the heartfelt gratitude they have to their parents and the club members for their generous personal and financial support. Every scholarship recipient I interact with is genuinely thankful for the support.

      Brian and Susan Amidei

I am a first-generation college graduate. I was provided the privilege to attain my Bachelor’s Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo without having to pay one dime for my diploma. My parents, Brian and Susan Amidei, worked tirelessly so that I was able to focus on my studies and graduate with no debt to my name. With great privilege comes great responsibility.

I learned early in my adult life that I had the responsibility to spend my time and career lifting others up and helping them attain their dreams. At The Quarry’s event, listening to the students tell their stories, I was moved to tears thinking of how thankful I am to be a part of Desert Scholarship Foundation and it’s mission.

I am thankful to my parents. With their support, Desert Scholarship Foundation went from an idea to a reality. My Father, Brian Amidei, and his team at Fortem Financial, provided our Foundation with the seed money needed to attain our 501c3 status and continues to gift us with office space, supplies all our utilities and does an outstanding job managing the assets of Desert Scholarship Foundation. With most of The Foundation’s overhead gifted, we can keep costs lower, which means more money going to the students! Mom and Dad, thank you for gifting me my life and college education and now helping me and The Foundation give the gift of education to hardworking and determined students.

Sandi Young and Johnna Bryant

I also must thank Ms. Sandi Young, the Chair of Quarry’s Scholarship Program, the Chairwoman of Desert Scholarship Foundation’s Board of Directors and my personal mentor. Her guidance and vision propelled Desert Scholarship Foundation’s business model and vision: First-class care, Hands-on service, Cost effectiveness and efficiency. She and her team at The Quarry are in the beginning stages of creating a mentoring program for their award recipients. This type of program has been a dream of mine since Desert Scholarship Foundation’s inception.

Mentors provide much needed guidance, support, knowledge and expertise to help young adults during their journey in education and life. I have seen first-hand the lack of counseling and guidance at the high school level. This program is needed everywhere! All clubs in our beautiful Coachella Valley have highly gifted members with a wealth of knowledge that can be shared for the benefit of these young adults. If you are ever presented with the opportunity, I hope you will consider using your wisdom in life and business to help someone else beginning their journey.

Thank you for your support of Desert Scholarship Foundation. And thank you to the members of The Quarry at La Quinta, Tradition Golf Club and The Lakes Country Club for giving us the honor to work with you. I hope we can make you proud to call us your partner in our jointed efforts to help students make their dreams come true.

Most Sincerely,

Blair Moss
CEO, Desert Scholarship Foundation

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