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Day-to-day management of a scholarship program is a full-time job. From application processing to check issuing, every piece requires time and attention to details. Desert Scholarship Foundation gives you the freedom to focus your efforts elsewhere and the confidence that your program is being managed effectively and efficiently.

Whether your organization is enhancing a current program or starting a new scholarship program, we can help! Desert Scholarship Foundation manages every last detail, from applicant to alumni.


Program Management

We provide step-by-step direction on program set-up and announcement, selection criteria, applicant selection, award notifications and payments. We also develop marketing and public relation material to showcase your program.

Desert Scholarship Foundation (DSF) streamlines your renewal process too. Whether your program renews annually or more frequently, we perform all of the verifications, updates and management services to keep your scholars focused and funded.

  • Applicant Selection: From the start, DSF can make selection easier by performing a pre-screening to ensure applicants meet all scholarship requirements. Then, our Scholarship Review Committee review and score the applications based on a defined common rubric used to review all application. Further, we provide you with a list of recommended awards. Using DSF services for selection ensure transparency in the process and unbiased selection of award recipients.
  • Recipient Notifications:  Scholarship recipients receive a congratulatory message with detailed instructions regarding acceptance of their award. To reduce the number of reissued check requests, DSF conducts a pre-distribution survey to ensure we have the most up-to-date information from your recipients. We can also confirm that your scholars received and used their funds appropriately.
  • Awards Payment: DSF maintains detailed records of each applicant and award. We handle any payment transaction, including issuing checks to educational institutions. We manage your funds throughout the year to account for deferrals, reissues and unused funds. We also verify funding criteria such as school eligibility, academic enrollment, account status and student expenses.