A scholarship can do amazing things. But creating and managing one can be hard and time-consuming. We offer a simple, direct, transparent way that is aligned with your organization’s purpose.

Your company can join Desert Scholarship Foundation to provide a scholarship opportunity specifically tailored to help your employees and their families. Your fund operates under the umbrella of our IRS tax exemption and 501(c)(3) designation. We keep your scholarship funds separate from all others managed by Desert Scholarship Foundation- allowing you to determine how you want to invest your scholarship dollars.

Offering a scholarship can be extremely complex. We save you and your team from the hassles and headaches of trying to do it on your own. 

The key to successful business growth is having good people on your team.

Foster a culture that appreciates and respects the contributions of all employees

Provide meaningful personal and professional development and growth opportunities

Boost job productivity, loyalty, happiness, wellness and retention

Scholarships show that you care for the well-being and the future success of your employees and their families. Scholarships can be used for post-secondary education, primary education, continuing education and Adult Basic Education.

Investing in our community has an enormous impact on the future of our Valley. Each family unit we touch is bettered by your generosity. 

Whether your organization is enhancing a current program or starting a new scholarship program, we can help!