We provide step-by-step direction on program set-up and announcement, selection criteria, non-bias applicant selection, award notifications and payments. We also develop marketing and public relation material to showcase your program. We do it all for you…

Applicant Selection: Avoid Issues of Perceived Favoritism

Pre-screen to ensure applicants meet all scholarship requirements

Skilled and experienced volunteers review and score applications based on a defined common rubric

Recommend award recipients and amounts based on an annual gifting amount you determine in advance

Ensure transparency in the process and unbiased selection of award recipients.

Recipient Notifications: Keep the Communication Lines Open

Scholars are encouraged to communicate with us regularly- we are here to help them achieve their goals

Clearly relay program deadlines and timeline

Provide detailed instructions

Encourage applicants to ask questions

Easily accessible and friendly

Awards Payment: Money Sent Directly to the Institution

Maintain detailed records of each applicant and award

Handle all payment transaction

Manage your fund throughout the year to account for deferrals, reissues and unused funds

Verify funding criteria such as school eligibility, academic enrollment, account status and student expenses