Like us, we know you are passionate about strengthening our community, it only makes sense to invest in the heart of your company — your employees. We are dedicated to help you make an impact on your employees and their families.

We’ll help you create a scholarship or tuition assistance program that goes beyond just saying thank you.

Cultivate a Culture of Appreciation.

We design scholarships for the students you want to help – your employees and their family members. You want create an environment that values innovation, creative thinking, and respect. If you’re wondering how to attract great employees and thank those who have been with you for some time, look no further.

Let’s Make a Big Difference. Together.

It is important we work together to support the growth of our Valley. Together, we can foster a culture of giving. Let us help you give the opportunity for your employees to grow as your company grows; support training and development to further their career within your organization. We believe that a shared commitment will always reach a greater good.

Be Involved as Much as You Want.

There’s only one way to work with Valley Scholarship Foundation — as a team. We provide the expertise you need to make informed, educated, and empowered decisions. We manage resources efficiently and effectively. We welcome you to become a part of our family and want to become a part of yours.

Share the Love.

Support the Dreamers, the Do-Gooders, the Family Men, the Super Moms. They dedicate their days to helping your business grow and thrive. Connect their passion and purpose with the mission of your company. Transform what’s possible for them and their families. Scholarships can make a dream a reality!