Applications are for the 2024-2025 academic school year. We are excited to announce that Desert Scholarship Foundation’s applications are now digital, making it even easier to apply.

Congratulations! You are planning to pursue your education further, and we are here to help you. Below are a list of available scholarship applications offered through Desert Scholarship Foundation, made possible by generous donors who want to help you succeed. We HIGHLY recommend quickly reading through the helpful hints below before you get started. If you have questions about your eligibility or need any assistance, please use the contact information above to connect with us anytime!

The following scholarship opportunities are now open. View Scholarship Details and the link to apply for each opportunity by clicking the buttons below.

IMPORTANT: Here are some helpful tips to navigate this new application…

Gather necessary documents.

To apply, the following items will be required. You will not be able to move onto the next step until each step is fully completed.

  • Most Recent Copy of your Unofficial Transcripts
  • A nice photograph of yourself, in portrait layout. Headshot preferred.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from Non-Family Members
  • Essay Prompt: In at least 300 words or more, answer the prompt provided in the application. The more detail, the better!

Begin your application.

Once you begin your application, you will provide your first name, last name, and email address. If you are using Kaleidescope for the first time, it will ask you to enter your email a second time and create a password. If you have used the Kaleidescope program for an application in the past, please use the same email and password and “login”. After you’ve provided your contact information and proceed to the next step, your account will be created. If you submitted an application in the past, please use the same login information as some of your data will have been saved.

Welcome to Kaleidoscope.

You will receive an email welcoming you to Kaleidoscope, the platform that is hosting the application. By using Kaleidoscope, you will be able to login to your account to work on your application at your convenience. Kaleidescope offers many other scholarship opportunities that are open to the general public. We recommend surfing their site to find additional scholarships that you may qualify for.

Saving your application.

To save your work on the application, simply complete a step and click “Next Step” to save the information on the previous step. If at anytime you need help with your application, select the “Need Help?” link. If you exit an application in the middle of an incomplete step, the data on that step will not save.

Additional tips when filling out the application.

  • Enter the most accurate information you have. The more details you can provide, the better we are able to review and score your application.
  • Please use an email address you use often. We will be communicating with you throughout the year, providing updates on your application’s progress.
  • When entering your Institution, please type the formal name of the school. Many options are listed, please ensure the option you choose is the correct school.
  • If the employee does not have an email address, please use the applicant’s email address.
  • If at anytime you need help with your application, select the “Need Help?” link.

Submitting your application.

Once you have completed all steps, you will submit your general application. This will allow you to view all the other scholarships you qualify for. These are short submissions, typically only requiring your name and email to submit because you provided everything the review board needs on your general application!

Additional resources.

Fast Web’s Quick Reference Guide to Evaluating Financial Aid Award Letters will help you better understand your Financial Aid Award Letter, financial aid terminology, the different costs associated with going to college and provide other resources and questions to help you make informed decisions about your education.